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Hi, I’m Mike

Michael Sisk, creator of things

I’m a designer, developer, and creator from Michigan with a passion for the web, awful movies, and setting people on fire. Technically skilled, aesthetically inclined, and inquisitive by nature, I pursue creative endeavors with my selkie wife while working for a midwestern university during the day and building death gauntlets for acrobatic plumbers at night.

If you’re reading this you may be familiar with Webcomic, a WordPress plugin I created that helps people publish… uh, webcomics. Since 2008 I’ve spent a lot of my free time supporting and continuing to develop Webcomic. It’s a lot of fun! It’s also increasingly difficult to dedicate the time I’d like to these sorts of projects.

Creating and continuing to support projects like Webcomic is a challenge. When I started working on Webcomic I was an unemployed college graduate with lots of free time; now I’m a doubly-employed husband and graduate student with very little free time. In spite of the challenge I’d love to do more, not just with Webcomic, but with other projects as well.

If you like what I create, please consider donating to my ongoing creative work. Besides a level of thanks and gratitude directly proportional to your monetary support, you’ll be providing ongoing validation and encouragement for my creative efforts. I spend a lot of time working on projects like Webcomic, but it’s much easier to justify that time with feedback and support from patrons.

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