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The Compat component provides an array of features that ease the transition from older versions of Webcomic.

What it does

Compat is a unique component that provides Webcomic 5’s compatibility features. It’s primary function is to run specialized upgrade tasks that convert data from earlier versions of Webcomic for Webcomic 5. It also includes a large number of deprecated features, shortcodes, template tags, and widgets.

When to use it

If you’ve upgraded from an older version of Webcomic Compat should be automatically enabled for you, and you should not disable it. The upgrade tasks it runs – and deprecated features it provides – are important for ensuring a smooth transition to Webcomic 5.

If you’re new to Webcomic, you can ignore Compat… unless you’d like to use the Inkblot 4 theme. Inkblot 4 is not compatible with Webcomic 5 unless you enable the Compat component.

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