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Alter the link tokens.

apply_filters( 'get_webcomic_term_link_tokens', array $tokens, string $link, WP_Term $comic_term )

This filter allows hooks to alter the replaceable link text tokens and their values.

Core tokens

Token Value Example
%count The number of comics in the term. 42
%date The term’s update date. May 1, 2099
%description The term’s description. It’s exciting!
%full The term’s full-size media.  
%large The term’s large-size media.  
%medium The term’s medium-size media.  
%medium_large The term’s medium_large-size media.  
%thumbnail The term’s thumbnail-size media.  
%time The term’s updated time. 4:52 pm
%title The term’s title. Chapter 1


array $tokens

The token values.

The link text to search for tokens.

WP_Term $comic_term

The comic term the link is for.

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