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Display a list of collections.


Shortcode content overrides the link attribute.


string format

Optional list format, like before{{join}}after. Including <select> or <optgroup> elements will convert links to <option> elements. Using ‘webcomics_optgroup’ as the join will replace collection links with a list of comic <option> elements wrapped in an <optgroup>.

Optional link text, like before{{text}}after.

mixed link_post

Optional reference post for collection links.

Optional link arguments.

string feed

Optional collection feed link text.

string feed_type

Optional collection feed type; one of atom, rss, or rss2.

int cloud_min

Optional weighted list minimum font size.

int cloud_max

Optional weighted list maximum font size.

string current

Optional collection ID of the current collection.

string walker

Optional custom Walker class to use instead of Mgsisk\Webcomic\Collection\Walker\CollectionLister.

array webcomics

Optional get_webcomics_list() arguments.

bool hide_empty

Whether to include or exclude empty collections.

int limit

Optional maximum number of collections to return.

Optional taxonomies the collections must not be related by.

string order

Optional collection sort order; one of asc or desc.

string orderby

Optional collection sort field; one of name, slug, count, updated, or rand.

Optional post object, term object, or collection ID the collections must be related to.

Optional taxonomies the collections must be related by.


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