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Alter comic permalink tokens.

apply_filters( 'webcomic_permalink_tokens', array $tokens, string $url, WP_Post $post )

This filter allows hooks to provide specific token => value pairs for rewriting comic permalinks.

Core tokens

Token Value Example
%author% The comic author’s username. username
%day% The publish day of the comic. 01
%hour% The publish hour of the comic. 16
%minute% The publish minute of the comic. 52
%monthnum% The publish month of the comic. 05
%post_id% The comic’s post ID. 9
%second% The publish second of the comic. 22
%year% The publish year of the comic. 2099

Taxonomy tokens

Token Value Example
%webcomic*_character% The comic’s characters. character-slug
%webcomic*_storyline% The comic’s storylines. storyline-slug

The * in these tokens is a placeholder for the collection ID number, like webcomic1_character or webcomic42_storyline.


array $tokens

The list of token => value pairs.

string $url

The URL being rewritten.

WP_Post $post

The post the URL is being rewritten for.

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