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Display a list of comic terms.


Shortcode content overrides the link attribute.


int cloud_max

Optional weighted list maximum font size.

int cloud_min

Optional weighted list minimum font size.

array current

Optional term ID of the current term or terms.

string feed_type

Optional term feed type; one of atom, rss, or rss2.

string feed

Optional term feed link text.

string format

Optional flat list format, like before{{join}}after. Including <select> or <optgroup> elements will convert links to <option> elements. Using webcomics_optgroup as a join will replace collection links with a list of comic <option> elements wrapped in an <optgroup>. When $hierarchical is true, before and after are mapped to the $start and $end arguments.

string end_el

Optional text to append to list items when $hierarchical is true.

string end_lvl

Optional text to append to a list level when $hierarchical is true.

string end

Optional text to append to the list when $hierarchical is true.

Optional arguments for term links.

mixed link_post

Optional reference post for term links.

array link_post_args

Optional post arguments for term links.

Optional link text, like before{{text}}after.

string start_el

Optional text to prepend to list items when $hierarchical is true.

string start_lvl

Optional text to prepend to a list level when $hierarchical is true.

string start

Optional text to prepend to the list when $hierarchical is true.

string walker

Optional custom Walker class to use instead of Mgsisk\Webcomic\Taxonomy\Walker\TermLister.

array webcomics

Optional get_webcomics_list() arguments.

int webcomics_depth

Optional depth to list comics at.

string collection

Optional collection ID; combined with $type to produce a taxonomy when $type is specified. If no $collection is specified, the requested collection (if any) will be used.

This behavior changes if an integer $object_ids has been specified; in this case, $collections will be determined as follows:

string type

Optional taxonomy type, like character or storyline. Specifying a $type overrides any specified $taxonomy; it will be combined with the $collection argument to produce a taxonomy.

mixed taxonomy

Taxonomy name, or array of taxonomies, to which results should be limited.

bool hide_empty

Whether to hide terms not assigned to any posts.

mixed object_ids

Optional object ID or an array of object IDs. Results will be limited to terms associated with these objects.

string order

Whether to order terms in ascending or descending order. Accepts ‘asc’ (ascending) or ‘desc’ (descending).

string orderby

Field to order terms by. Accepts term fields ( ‘name’, ‘slug’, ‘term_group’, ‘term_id’, ‘id’, ‘description’, ‘parent’) and ‘count’ for term taxonomy count.

int depth

The maximum hierarchical depth.


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