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Display a comic transcript form.


NOTE Because of the complexity of this functions arguments, we set all of the defaults to null and then remove arguments from the list that the user didn’t set themselves, allowing the function defaults to take over without having to repeat them here.

Shortcode content overrides the item attribute.


array fields

Optional form fields.

string form

Optional form structure, like before{{fields}}after. Should include the %fields token.

string format

Optional form format, like before{{form}}after. Should include the %cancel-link and %form tokens.

string logged_in_as

Optional message to display to logged-in users.

string must_log_in

Optional message to display to anonymous users if they must login to transcribe.

mixed post

Optional comic transcript ID the form is for.

string transcript_notes_after

Optional message to display after the transcript field.

string transcript_notes_before

Optional message to display before the the form fields.


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