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Display a list of comic transcripts.


NOTE Because of the complexity of this functions arguments, we set all of the defaults to null and then remove arguments from the list that the user didn’t set themselves, allowing the function defaults to take over without having to repeat them here.

Shortcode content overrides the item attribute.


array authors_list

Optional arguments for get_webcomic_transcript_authors_list(); only used when $item contains the %authors token.

Optional edit link format, like before{{text}}after.

string format

Optional list format, like before{{join}}after.

string item

Optional item format, like before{{item}}after. The before text should include two sprintf() tokens, which will be replaced with the transcript ID and CSS class names, respectively.

array languages_list

Optional arguments for get_webcomic_transcript_languages_list(); only used when $item contains the %languages token.

Optional parent link format, like before{{text}}after.

string walker

Optional custom Walker class to use instead of Mgsisk\Webcomic\Transcribe\Walker\TranscriptLister.

string order

Optional post sort order; one of asc or desc.

string orderby

Optional post sort field; one of date, none, name, author, title, modified, menu_order, parent, ID, rand, relevance, or comment_count.

int posts_per_page

Optional number of posts to retrieve.

mixed post_status

Optional post status or statuses to check.


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