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Alter status tokens.

apply_filters( 'webcomic_twitter_status_tokens', array $tokens, string $url, WP_Post $post )

This filter allows hooks to provide specific token => value pairs for Twitter status updates.

Core tokens

Token Value Example
%author The comic’s author. Angie
%collection The comic’s collection. Numina
%#collection The comic’s collection as a hashtag. #numina
%date The comic’s publish date. May 1, 2099
%field{name} The value of the name custom field. custom value
%shortlink The shortlinke to the comic.
%site-name The site name. Example Site
%site-url The site URL.
%taxonomy The comic’s taxonomy terms. tag1, tag2
%#taxonomy The comic’s taxonomy terms as hashtags. #tag1, #tag2
%time The comic’s publish time. 4:52 pm
%title The comic’s title. Page 1
%url The permalink to the comic.


When using the %field{name} token, name is the name of a custom field. To show the value of a custom field named special_value, for example, you would use %field{special_value}.

%taxonomy and %#taxonomy

When using the %taxonomy or $#taxonomy tokens, taxonomy is the ID of the terms you want to display. For Tags, use post_tag; for Categories, use category. Webcomic taxonomy ID’s are always collectionID_taxonomy (e.g. webcomic1_character or webcomic42_storyline). To show the characters from a comic collection with an ID of webcomic1, you would use %webcomic1_character (or %#webcomic1_character to show them as hashtags).


array $tokens

The list of token => value pairs.

string $url

The URL being rewritten.

WP_Post $post

The post the URL is being rewritten for.

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