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Display a list of comics.


Shortcode content overrides the link attribute.


string format

Optional list format, like before{{join}}after. Including <select> or <optgroup> elements will convert links to <option> elements.

Optional link text, like before{{text}}after.

Optional link arguments.

int cloud_min

Optional weighted list minimum font size.

int cloud_max

Optional weighted list maximum font size.

int current

Optional post ID of the current comic.

string walker

Optional custom Walker class to use instead of Mgsisk\Webcomic\Collection\Walker\ComicLister.

Optional post the comics must be related to.

Optional taxonomies the comics must be related by.

Optional taxonomies the comics must not be related by.

string order

Optional post sort order; one of asc or desc.

string orderby

Optional post sort field; one of date, none, name, author, title, modified, menu_order, parent, ID, rand, relevance, or comment_count.

int posts_per_page

Optional number of posts to retrieve.


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